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21 signs you’ve found your soulmate

Do you believe in soulmates? I do. And even if you don’t believe in one, I am sure you do believe in the idea that one day, you will find someone who is the perfect match for you. 

But how can you tell if you have found what people call “true love” or if it is just another fleeting love affair? How do you figure out if you are in the type of relationship that could go the distance? 

You don’t have to think too hard about this anymore. Here are 21 telltale signs that you have found your soulmate:

1. You feel safe around them. 

For some reason, being with this person frees you from your anxieties, fears, and worries and makes you feel secure. It is almost as if nothing can ever go wrong when they are there. They are your rock, and they give the courage to take down your guard and show them your real side, the one you find vulnerable. You know in your heart that you can trust this person to have your back. You know you can be sure that they would never judge you and make you feel exposed. You turn to them before anyone else. Being with them feels like you belong there; it feels like home. 

2. They make you feel complete. 

Now that you are with this person, you realize that they are the missing piece of your puzzle. Everything seems “complete” when you are together. You may have your differences, but you make it a point to understand each other and make each other a better person. You set off each other’s strong suits and mend each other’s flaws and shortcomings. 

3. You share the same life goal. 

Someone who likes the same music as you or a fan of the same football team you are is not your soulmate. These things are superficial and are no measure of whether your relationship will last for the long haul. Only when you have found someone with whom you share your foundational values and goals towards life is when you have really found your soulmate. You see the world through a similar lens and share a basic, overall picture of how you would like your lives to unfold. 

4. You are not afraid of having a conversation. 

When you are with this person, you can be yourself and address the relationship weight gain freely without feeling that the conversation will become heated. You have absolutely no problems talking things out even when the going gets tough. You feel so comfortable in their presence, and you trust them so much that it becomes easier to communicate your needs, which helps you fix little patches in your relationship. 

5. You don’t experience jealousy.

Some people find it cute, but I think spells of jealousy can be toxic. Luckily for you, you trust each other so much that any feelings of jealousy simply fade into the background. What you have is amazing, and no matter where this person is or what they are doing, you feel safe. You know that you are the one they want to be with. 

6. You have a blast doing super boring stuff together.

Every day cannot be a crazy adventure. Some days are just dull, but you seem not to mind these dull moments anymore. Whether it is grocery shopping, organizing the garage, or doing your taxes, you feel that running mundane errands is kind of fun when you are with this person. 

7. You forgive each other.

A soulmate is not the one you never argue or fight with. But when you do argue or fight with this person, you never hold each other guilty. Instead, you talk through every problem you have calmly and while being considerate of each other’s feelings. To err is human, and you get it. So, you make up and leave what happened where it belongs, in the past. 

8. Their happiness is more important.

Your love and care for each other is so much that you are each other’s priority number 1. Their joy and delight is your happiness, and yours is theirs. You are ready to sacrifice your time, situation, and feelings unconditionally. That is how it goes when you have found your soulmate. 

9. You know what they’re thinking.

You know each other well enough that you can speak without words. It sounds cliché, but it is true. You know what the other person is thinking or feeling, without needing to say anything. You can even finish each other’s sentences; that is how in sync you two are. 

10. You feel it in your gut.

Do you feel that being with this person feels “right”? Well, if you feel it in your gut, you can be pretty damn sure that this person is the “one.” After all, we have our intuitions for a reason.

11. You love them as a whole person.

You like and accept this person for who they are and vice versa. Neither one of you would like to change a thing about the other person. Of course, no one is perfect. But if you are both able to accept each other’s flaws and awesomeness, you can be sure you’ve found your soulmate. 

12. You encourage each other.

You know you have met your soulmate when you are always there for each other, no matter the circumstances, cheering each other on. Whether they want to be a singer or you are learning to bake, you are there to encourage each other. 

13. You can’t imagine your future without them.

This one is really simple. Look five or ten years into the future. Do you see this person there? If you are ready to go the next step with them and the thought of not being together makes your hair curl, you have found your soulmate. 

14. You can be yourself when you’re around them.

This person sees you for who you are — including the unglamorous, humdrum versions of you. You don’t have to pretend. You don’t have to keep up an unrealistic, ‘perfect’ image. You never feel a need to dress a certain way. You never feel a need to filter your thoughts. This sense of familiarity and comfort means that you can always be your true self around them. 

15. You make it work, even if that means compromising. 

Every successful relationship is built on compromises. Whether it is fixing problems in your sex life, choosing the shade of walls, or discussing where your finances should go, you come together and find a mutual solution without hurting the other person’s feelings. You approach life as a couple and make decisions together. This “give and take” and willingness to find a middle ground indicate that you are with the love of your life. 

16. You have good chemistry.

This person gets you, and you know this person really well too. You click with each other’s psyche, wits, and humor. Everybody hopes to find a connection such as this, but few succeed. If it looks to you that you have hit the chemistry jackpot, you have found your soulmate. 

17. You fight sometimes.

As I brought up earlier, finding your soulmate does not mean that there will be no more arguments or fights. It just means that being with one will make it easier to hammer out those inevitable confrontations. If you two handle any falling-out by discussing each other’s viewpoint in a healthy way, that is yet another sign that you are with your soulmate.  

18. Your soulmate is the first person that comes to your mind when you have sudden good news.

The minute something happens in your life, you text or call this person. Got a new job? Saw a really cute dog? No matter how amazing, mundane, or silly the news may be, they’ll always react just as you hoped.  

19. You love their quirks.

You find each other’s weird habits and silly behaviour endearing, not a turn-off. If anything, those quirks make you fall even more in love with each other. 

21. You think about each other a lot. 

You want to be with this person even when you are mad or upset at them. Whenever you are apart, this person dominates your thoughts, and you cannot keep yourself from telling them that you love them. 

22. You’re each other’s biggest fan.

Does this person take your breath away with every little thing they do? Do you find it surprising that someone so wonderful could exist? If you are always rooting for your partner and see them in the best possible light (and they do the same for you), this person is your soulmate. 

It can be not very easy to tell if you have found your soulmate, all the more if you have never been in love before. But with these 21 signs, I am pretty sure you will know for sure! 

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