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Best Hangover Foods and Drinks

If you’re here because you’re wondering how to cure a hangover fast, I’m sorry but the best solution to not having a hangover is to not drink copious amounts of alcohol, which is probably already too late for you.

That being said, we all need a drink sometimes and occasionally might go a little overboard. Since we are what we eat, there are, in fact, some best foods for a hangover. If you want to know what to eat after drinking, look no further. Grab your tylenol and glass of water because here are the top hangover cure foods.

Best hangover quick fix

BRAT diet foods

BRAT foods are good hangover foods because they are known for being the top foods aimed to not upset a queasy stomach. Why? Because they are the most easily digestible foods. It’s an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. These easy to digest foods are definitely some of the best foods for a hangover.

  • Bananas

    One of the best hangover foods is definitely a banana. Everyone has a banana laying around on their counter so rolling out of bed and grabbing one of these can give you a quick hangover cure. Bananas have a ton of potassium. Alcohol causes a depletion of potassium in your body, making you feel sick the next morning. Eat a banana, or six, to achieve the daily recommended amount of potassium for your body.
  • Rice

    Being also part of the BRAT diet, rice is one of the best hangover foods. It is easy to digest and will also give you more energy than greasy food will. It’s best to eat whole grain rice when you’re hungover because it contains zinc and folic acid, two nutrients that can help with your hangover.
  • Applesauce

    Applesauce is a great staple that is easy to digest and easy to swallow, if you’re feeling super nauseous. It also has sugar and carbs in it, raising your blood sugar, which makes you feel better. It is also a bit hydrating and soothing to eat.
  • Toast

    I think everyone has at least once in their life had their roommate bring them a piece of bread the morning after a night out while you lay in bed. The reason being is that bread is also super absorbent as well as easy on the stomach and in everyone’s pantry.

Sunflower seeds

If you have sunflower seeds sitting in your pantry, now is a great time to crawl over to the kitchen and grab them.

Sunflower seeds also have a decent amount of potassium, 480 mg per two ounces to be exact. Not only this, but they also contain B vitamins as well. Grab a handful or sprinkle some on a salad.

Chicken Noodle Soup

You’re getting protein and B vitamins from the chicken, electrolytes from the broth, and easy to digest carbs. This staple, which everyone usually always has, is easy to eat up and will benefit your body when feeling hungover.


Eggs are an amazing hangover cure and a huge health staple if you consume alcohol regularly. When you drink your body loses a large amount of it’s glutathione, a nutrient that reduces cell damage that alcohol does to the body. Eggs contain cysteine, which is an amino acid that your body uses to make antioxidant glutathione. Eating eggs will make your liver happy and keep you feeling good through many hangovers down the road.


Ramen is obviously a three minute meal that the majority of people have hanging out in the back of their pantry. While ramen isn’t the healthiest option, this can be the perfect thing that is easy to make and to eat when you don’t feel your best. Feel free to dress it up with an egg or any veggies to make it more filling and healthier.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are also usually one of the best hangover foods. They are sweet, protein packed, and usually are made with nuts and whole grains. Easy to grab and easy to munch on, these are the perfect simple hangover fix.

Best hangover food for vegetarians

Veggie Frozen Meals

A frozen meal is absolutely perfect for a morning after a night of drinking. Making sure you have these stocked up, or even going out quickly to grab one from the nearest store and pop in your microwave, is an efficient and great way to feel better when you have a hangover.

TaDah Foods Falafel Wraps 

This falafel wrap is absolutely perfect for a vegetarian that is in need of a quick and tasty meal to start your day better. Made with a whole wheat tortilla, hummus, and chickpeas, this is a super healthy and protein filled meal that’s sure to fix your hangover.

Amy’s Chinese Noodles and Vegetables 

Chinese is one of those foods that you just crave when you’re hungover. This one is a perfect hangover cure because there’s no meat in sight AND it also contains no dairy so it’s perfect for vegans as well!

Blake’s Old Fashioned Mac and Cheese

There’s something about comfort food that you definitely crave after drinking. This is the perfect frozen meal for anyone looking for a non-meat hangover option. Get ready to feed yourself the absolute best, homemade style frozen mac and cheese on the market.


Pasta is a great hangover food because carbs just taste that much better when you’re hungover, right? It’s also something everyone has in their pantry. One of the best hangover meals is this delicious pasta recipe if you’re looking for a hearty, savory pasta dish. 

Miso Soup

This easy to eat liquid hangover cure will be sure to get you feeling better after a night of drinking. Packed with electrolytes, protein, water and probiotics, this meal will make you feel refreshed and is good for your gut. 


Since your gut definitely is depleted of good bacteria when you drink alcohol, filling it back up with good bacteria is essential for your overall health and even your mood. Filled with probiotics, kimchi is a great thing to eat when you’re hungover. You can make it or pick it up at most grocery stores.

Best healthy hangover foods

Healthy Frozen Meals

A frozen meal is absolutely perfect for a morning after a night of drinking. Making sure you have these stocked up will save you from those Sunday Scaries.

Healthy Choice Burrito Bowl

This is one of our favorite healthy hangover foods to cure your hangover quickly and efficiently. It’s made with black beans, bell peppers, pinto beans, and whole grain rice. It contains vitamin B vitamin C and zinc, so you’re filling your body with nourishment your body craves when you’re hungover while getting a quick, yummy fix.

Daily Harvest

Anything from Daily Harvest is one of the best hangover foods to get you a healthy start to your day and replenish your body. They have options ranging from smoothies, harvest bowls, oat bowls, soups, and more, all designed to be quick and easy while still being healthy. Stock your freezer with these easily shipped meals to quickly grab for a perfect hangover cure.

Sweet Earth Curry Bowl

Made with lentils, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, you’re getting vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid, potassium, and magnesium, so your body will feel nourished and you can get back on your feet and combat those Sunday Scaries.

Evol Balance Bowl

Made with whole grain rice, chicken, and ½ cup of vegetables, you’re filling your body with healthy carbs and 14 grams of protein. Made with a tasty pesto sauce, this is an easy hangover cure to get you back on your feet.

Easy Healthy Recipes

If you’re in the mood to whip something up that hasn’t been frozen when hungover, here are a couple options that are quick, easy, and healthy.

Avocado, Blackbean, and Roasted Tomato Bowl

This is one of the best foods for a hangover. It is a super easy recipe that is also very healthy and vegetarian friendly. Tomatoes, avocado, and black beans fill you up with vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium, three nutrients your body craves after drinking.

Huevos Rancheros

Eggs are a great way to eat something easy and protein packed while filling up your stomach in a healthier way. One of the best hangover breakfasts is this southwest scramble. To make, simply scramble some eggs, and while scrambling add in some black beans. Top it off with your favorite salsa or pico de gallo.

Kodiak Spinach Pancakes 

Kodiak Cakes are well known for being a healthy option for this yummy breakfast favorite. This recipe combines the healthy pancake mix and spinach, so you’ll get 14 grams of protein and magnesium and folic acid, making you feel much better when you’re hungover.

Salmon Cucumber Bagel

This is one of the best hangover cure foods. Start with a toasted bagel, add your favorite cream cheese, smoked salmon, and cucumber. This will give you zinc from the dairy and potassium from the salmon, perfect for an undernourished body. Plus, it’s a super filling breakfast option if you feel super hungry when hungover.

Best hangover fast food

Waffle House

On a Sunday morning after drinking, this is one of the best places for a solid hangover breakfast. People rated it as the number one place for hangover fast food on Ranker.


While we’re on the topic of best hangover breakfast spots, Denny’s also takes a high rating, coming in at number 3, according to 1.5k voters. Breakfast is, of course, the most important meal of the day, so pick up an Ultimate Omelette while you’re there for a filling and nutrient rich hangover breakfast.


There’s nothing like serving yourself some delicious pancakes, covered in whipped cream and chocolate to cure a hangover. But don’t stop there, order up some onion rings if you’re someone who likes greasy hangover food.

Taco Bell

There’s just something about Taco Bell that is ideal for a hangover. Maybe it’s because it has the perfect balance of carbs, fats, and proteins to make you feel energetic and full. Or maybe it’s just because it is so quick and pretty much everywhere so you don’t have to wait too long to cure your hangover.

Steak ‘n Shake

This is a great spot if you need a greasy burger to cure your hangover. Ask for the Royale burger which contains an egg on top. And if you didn’t know, eggs are actually a great hangover cure as they contain B vitamins, zinc, and folic acid, three nutrients that are essential for curing a hangover.


Chipotle is actually one of those places that hits all the checkpoints for one of the best hangover food spots. Not only is it fast and located in almost every city, it also contains a lot of healthier options, full of nutrients that are perfect for curing a hangover. Beans, chicken, and red meat contain a lot of B vitamins, which is a hangover staple.

Best Hangover Drinks


When you’re hungover, probiotics is one of the best things you can put in your body. This being because when you drink alcohol, your body is depleted of a ton of good bacteria that live in your gut. A lack of this can result in overall poor health, poor immune system, and even poor mood.

Kombucha has a lot of probiotics so you can replenish your gut. It also is made out of tea and tastes very refreshing, so it’s truly a great drink for a hangover.


This company started as a drink for children who were sick and experiencing extreme dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. A couple years ago, the company decided that adults who drink a lot of alcohol also experience dehydration and are a perfect demographic to add to their collection!

It’s true, Pedialyte is the leading competitor for hydrating drinks. They have more electrolytes and less sugar than many sports drinks, making them a healthy hangover cure. They also come in popsicle form.


Gatorade has been around for over 50 years and is the most researched electrolyte replenishing drink. With different products ranging from electrolyte bites, Organic Thirst Quencher drink, the Bolt 24 immune boosting drink, and more, you can pick and choose the perfect mix of drinks and supplements to make your body feel replenished during a hangover.

Coconut Water

This beverage is a much more natural way to still get more hydrated than from what water can provide. Coconut water for a hangover is perfect because it is less sodium and artificial colors and flavoring, and contains more potassium, which is all great for a hangover. If you are concerned about fueling your body in a natural way, choose coconut water.

Morning Recovery Hangover Drink by More Labs

If you are experiencing a hangover, one of the best things to do is depend on the experts, and the experts in hangovers is definitely Morning Recovery. This company has changed people’s lives with this all in one tiny miracle drink. It is known to reduce brain fog, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, headache, and more common symptoms of hangovers. Users of Morning Recovery felt up to 80% better using the product than without the product when experiencing a hangover. Morning Recovery is one of the best hangover drinks on the market today.


Smoothies are super easy to make when you’re battling a hangover. They’re also easy to drink on a sick stomach and filled with nutrients to make you feel better after drinking too much. Check out these 20 healthy smoothies to cure your hangover.

There’s no doubt that a hangover is the worst, especially the older you get. However, we all have a night where one thing leads to another and you wake up the next morning with last night’s regrets. The positive news is that there’s so many foods to get you through your day and make your Sunday Scaries a little bit more positive. Try out one of these perfect hangover cure foods and see what you think!

The bottom line

There’s no doubt that a hangover is the worst, especially the older you get. However, we all have a night where one thing leads to another and you wake up the next morning with last night’s regrets. The positive news is that there’s so many foods to get you through your day and make your Sunday Scaries a little bit more positive. Try out one of these perfect hangover cure foods and see what you think!

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