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9 Signs of a good friend

If you ask people the simple question, “What makes a good friend?” we bet you would receive ten different answers from ten different people.

And that makes sense, right?

People have different past experiences with “good friends,” as well as different expectations for them, so, naturally, answers to this question will vary. For some people, “good friends” can mean concert buddies, while, for others, it means those who save them from falling into the trap of a bad relationship.

While the definition of a good friend may vary from person to person, there are a couple of characteristics and traits intrinsic to all good friends that we will discuss in this blog. So, without any further ado, let’s look at some of those characteristics and traits that make a friend a “good” friend! 

1. A good friend always stays in touch with you

Keeping in touch is easier said than done. Not many people can do it. A good friend, however, is an exception. Whether you graduated from college, moved to a different city for work, or got married, your good friends will stick around.

Good friends will never let you feel like you are in it by yourself, making sure they are around whenever you feel low – maybe you were having a bad hair day! – cheering you up and lifting your mood and your spirits. That’s why this person is one of the most important parts of your life, not just to help you get through your bad hair days, but to also help you navigate your life’s rough patches.

And guess what? Great friendships are not dependent on proximity, meaning that even long distances cannot separate you from your good friend!

2. A good friend is always honest with you

Honest people make great friends, so, naturally, your good friend is likely a very honest person.

What does being honest mean in a friendship, though?

For one, a good friend will not believe in the notion that “ignorance is bliss,” telling you “white” lies. You will never have any doubt about their real intentions, because you know that they would never pretend to be something they are not, nor would they have any ulterior motives.

A good friend will never try to manipulate you, being your friend just to get something out of you (they might ask you to set them up with that hot cousin of yours, but that’s neither here nor there). The important thing is that they care for you and will never mistreat you. You can always depend on them to speak their hearts and to apologize for their mistakes.

3. A good friend is always there to help

If you’re facing a problem and your friend always somehow finds a way to get you out of the situation, that’s a clear sign this is a good friend of yours. On the other hand, if your friend always finds an excuse not to help… well, you know what that means, right? 

A good friend will always stand up for you, always having your back. Think of this person as an invincible, ‘one-friend army’ who will protect you from all sorts of dangers, whether it’s protecting you from the teacher’s wrath when you forgot your homework or lying to save you from your boss, they will put themselves on the spot to help you. What we mean is that the person always willing to fight for you should be your favorite person in the world!

4. A good friend always makes you feel appreciated and special

When you do not feel confident or your self-esteem has taken a dip – it happens to the best of us! –your good friend will be there, boosting your confidence and self-esteem, making you feel appreciated. They will help you see that you are unique and that no one can replace you in their lives.

And they don’t just go all out on your birthday; they do it every day of the year. In reality, you feel so comfortable in your skin around this person that you feel appreciated and special even when they aren’t trying, making you feel beautiful even when you’re in your pajamas and rocking that bed hair!

If you are feeling low because of a failed relationship, they will make sure you understand that you matter, helping you get through the nastiest of breakups with ease.

5. A good friend will give you good and honest advice

Though they might contradict what your other friends say, a good friend will always give you their honest opinions and advice. A good friend is not with you to please you; they are with you to guide you in the right direction. You can rest assured that what they are saying is pretty much the only thing you should believe.

Whether it’s dating advice or their thoughts on your party outfit, they are the best people to rely on. They will never leave you in the dark, painting a rose-colored picture to appease you. They will tell you what things are and where you stand. While that might sting sometimes, trust us: you need people like that in your life.

We want to add that they wouldn’t be brutal in how they tell you, nor would they say anything that would hurt you on a personal level. You see, this is why we call them “good” friends; they are good enough to tell you the reality of the situation without coming across as an inconsiderate, mean person.

6. A good friend is a good listener

Every good friend is a good listener. We think that, if you have someone like that in your life, you are among the luckiest people on earth. And, if you are a yapper, having a friend willing to listen to you without having to add their two cents is just golden.

A good friend is generous enough to listen to your never-ending monologues without cutting you off mid-way. Not only do they have the patience to listen to what you say (even if it doesn’t make much sense), they also listen carefully when you are angry and need to vent.

We consider the simple ability to lend an ear without any reservations to be nothing less than a superpower. This is why we call good friends superheroes.

7. A good friend knows how to cheer you up

We touched on this before, but it’s worth emphasizing that a good friend knows just how to lift your spirit when you feel down in the dumps, helping you feel more relaxed if you’re stressed about your job, able to console you if you’re upset over a breakup. Simply put, they are there to help you get over any issue.

Apart from bringing you ice cream – the best pick-me-up, in our opinion – they will have weird ways of making you feel happy. From doing silly dances to telling corny jokes, they know the best way to cheer you up. Believe us: they can go to any extreme to get you smiling.

8. A good friend sends you memes

On the topic of cheering you up, what better way to lighten the mood than by looking at funny memes? A good friend will send you really good memes! Even if they have a dorky sense of humor, they will not be ashamed to show it off to you through their top-tier memes.

If they are a good friend, you’ll be at the top of their “forward” list. This fun sharing would, of course, be mutual, with you comfortable enough to send relatable memes to them. 

9. A good friend is loyal

Loyalty is a quality that we search for in our acquaintances, and good friends are loyal, so steer clear of disloyal boyfriends and girlfriends, instead finding yourself a loyal friend who will never break your heart!

A good and loyal friend is impartial, and having loyalty as a virtue also makes them accepting and non-discriminatory. They do not believe in conditional friendships involving paying each other back. Instead, they would be willing to make sacrifices to help you out.

The Last Word

That’s it, friends! We have come to the end of the list, and, if you have made it this far, then we hope you make plenty of high-quality friends in your life! If you can think of any more qualities belonging to good friends, let us know in the comments below.

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