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7 Signs You Are in a Healthy Relationship

One of the signs of an unhealthy relationship is that your partner doesn’t communicate consistently with you. In fact, there are a lot of signs of an unhealthy relationship that can cause a relationship to end faster than you might anticipate. 

But how can you tell that your relationship will last for the long haul? What are the signs of a healthy relationship? 

There are a lot of green flags in a relationship that can signal that you and your partner are compatible. It can give you confidence that you are in a healthy relationship without thinking that there may be a problem. 

This article highlights everything you need to know about being in healthy relationships. Here are 7 green flags in a healthy relationship.

1. Consistent Communication

One of the green flags of a healthy relationship is that you have open communication with each other. And the communication should be consistent too.

This means that you don’t get tired of communicating with your partner. There should be a healthy balance. You feel that your significant other is giving you the space you need, but also, there isn’t a gap in communication. 

Communication is key in any relationship. You need to figure out if the person is being overbearing and needy, or if the amount of texts or phone calls is a perfect balance. 

If two people in the relationship feel that they communicate well and don’t get tired of each other, then it’s a sign of a healthy relationship. 

2. You Trust the Other Person

What is a healthy relationship? That’s a great question to ask. The foundation of any healthy relationship is trust.

You trust your partner not to cheat on you and to communicate with you. Trust is at the forefront of any relationship. Without it, you are always wondering if the relationship is healthy or not. 

If you find that you trust your partner with anything, then that’s a healthy sign.

3. It’s Not All About You

Another sign that you are in a healthy relationship is that you realize it’s not all about you. 

You are more focused on making your partner happy. You want to do things for them and focus on their happiness. When you take the attention off yourself and you’re more focused on the other person, it shows how much you care about them. 

Being in a healthy relationship is when you both care more about the other person and their wellbeing rather than your own. 

4. You Feel Your Best Around Your Significant Other

A healthy relationship is also about feeling your best around the other person. It means you don’t hide part of your personality because you’re afraid of what they might think. 

When you feel yourself and have nothing to hide from your partner, it’s a sign that you enjoy being with them and that they bring the best out of you. 

In addition, you don’t want to feel like you have to hide your dorky jokes or your personal beliefs or opinions from the person you are dating because you don’t feel comfortable around them.  

5. You Never Get Tired of the Other Person 

Another sign that you are in a healthy relationship is if you feel that you never get tired of the other person. 

If you are dating someone and realize that you are bored of them after a few hours, that could be a bad sign. But if you enjoy hanging with your partner all day and you both don’t get tired of each other, that’s a great sign. It’s a sign that you have a best friend

6. You Respect Each Other

If two people are on different career paths and want to achieve personal goals, it can be difficult to be in a relationship. Sometimes, someone in the relationship has to sacrifice something for the other person to achieve their goals. 

This takes a tremendous amount of respect. If you are in a relationship where you both respect each other’s goals and what you both are trying to achieve, it’s a sign that you are in a healthy relationship. 

Respecting each other’s differing opinions or beliefs is also a sign of maturity and a healthy sign that your relationship will last a long time.

7. You Help Each Other Grow

With respect for each other, there should also be the encouragement of helping each other grow. 

When you are in a healthy relationship with someone, you’ll often find that your partner supports you through life’s journey. They help you achieve milestones that you may have never thought possible. 

This sign of a healthy relationship is about focusing on the other person’s personal achievements. If you find that you are doing more than you thought possible and that your partner wants you to succeed, then it’s a good sign that you are in a healthy relationship. 

You don’t want to be in a relationship where someone is constantly negative and don’t care about your personal goals.

Now You Know the Green Flags in a Relationship

If you’re wondering, “what is a healthy relationship,” then now you know the answer. 

These green flags in a relationship give an idea that you’re on the right track. It shows that you are in a healthy relationship and that it can last for a long time. 

While every relationship is different, these 7 signs offer the most insight when it comes to any couple. They show what every relationship needs to be sustainable. 

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